We are a small efficient outfit, that give you an immediate service. Whether you have a property to let or wishing to become a tenant – you will not be just another client!

We have substantial experience through the property sector and wide knowledge of the local area and its trends.
We offer many property related services but are very happy and flexible to offer any package that suits each and every Landlords requirements to enable you to let your property with confidence and ease, and feel that we are a little different to the other letting agents in the area, we stand out in many ways.

Here a few points on where we differ from our competitors;

We are a family run business, your business is important to us. The successful results we gain for you as a client, reflects on us directly.

Unlike other agencies, you will not be passed from employer to employer to gain an update on your rental. We are a small outfit and you will know us and deal with us personally, keeping your progress current and efficient.

The LET boards, we have put a lot of thought into their eye catching appearance, bright in colour and simple in design and detail, so contact details can be captured easily. We place out our own boards, making sure they are visible from all points, not concealed by bushes and such.

As with all the other agencies we use the national portals, however we update your advert regularly, to ensure it remains fresh, eye catching and appealing.

We do not have a high street frontage, so our over heads are low. Shop frontages are good awareness for an agency in gaining Landlords but as far as Landlords go, its simple you just want good tenants!! Tenants no longer go looking at the shop frontages, you look next time you are passing a high street agency…how often do you see anyone looking at the details in the window? You won’t, tenants are looking via the internet, as the information there is current, immediate and mobile wherever they are. So the High St frontage, means higher overheads…which need to be covered by clients…that’s you and the tenants. We do not have such grand overheads, so our fees are much lower, which is good news for you the Landlord but also encouraging for tenants, who are easily put off by incredibly high agency/admin fees.

We also stand out with our business times, we have guided contact times but all calls are monitored outside of those hours and responded to if required. Most important, when looking at viewings to get your property rented, we have no set viewing times. We will oblige any requested viewing times (at the discretion and consideration of current tenants), evening viewings tends to be rather popular and unlike the high street agency that has to consider employees hours, who have depicted evenings…we have no set evenings appointments, we can do every evening of the week, if and when required.

Our list continues but if you feel the few points above are appealing. Please give us a call and we will be only too happy to answer any questions or assist you further to get your property marketed correctly, with a rental secured.